Lithuanian nobility that has ruled and protected Lithuanian State formed more than 600 years ago. Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility (further referred to as LRUN), associating Lithuanian nobility progeny, who have proved their ancestors’ noblemen’s family’s continuance, to Lithuanian nobility organization, is legal Lithuanian nobility’s inheritance absorber.

Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility is the inheritor of all rights and duties of the Lithuanian Union of Nobility that was in force from 1928 till 1940. In June, 1994 the Union was registered at the Ministry of Justice. During this period seven conventions of LRUN took place.

   The main missions of LRUN are: to promote respect and love to Lithuanian state, nation, its history, language, culture, and family; to cherish Lithuania's spiritual revival, European Christian values; to popularize Lithuanian Kingdom's, Great Duchy of Lithuania nobility's historical inheritance, traditions; and to refresh principals of justice, honour, dignity, nobleness and responsibility in Lithuania.

    LRUN spheres of activity include research of the past – genealogy, heraldry, nobility and estate culture inheritance, organization of cultural events, LRUN expansion and activity popularizing, development of relations with foreign associations of noblemen, developing of noblemen’s future – the youth, publishing activity.

    LRUN activity types are legitimacy, education, nobility confirmation certificates presenting ceremonies, creating of symbolism, organization of concerts, exhibitions, conferences, theme sightseeing, excursions, charity and other events, publishing of books and magazines, accumulating and maintenance of LRUN archive.

    LRUN consists of more than 4.300 members. Numerous regional organizations are established in Kaunas, Klaipėda, Telšiai, Tauragė, Vilnius. Besides, we have members in different countries of Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia. We have contacts with many organizations of nobles abroad. We publish the journal "Lietuvos bajoras" and some others books.


Acting LRUN, Head   Perlis Vaisieta
LRUN, Chancellor   Sigitas Dobilinskas
Acting LRUN, Marshal of the Senate   Stasys Knystautas

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